Tenkara Quick Guide

Discover everything you need to know about tenkara fishing through Daniel Galhardo’s book, tenkara. Daniel was the first person to introduce tenkara to those using traditional fly fishing methods outside of Japan. His informational guide breaks down everything one needs to know about tenkara rods, traditional tenkara flies, the history and philosophy of tenkara, and more. Buy the Tenkara manifesto on fly-fishing today!

Tenkara Book Excerpt

Below we have featured a tenkara pdf guide excerpt from Daniel Galhardo’s tenkara fly fishing guide so you can get a quick peek into the world of traditional tenkara fishing and learn how to catch fish with a tenkara rod successfully.

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2 Responses to Tenkara Quick Guide

  1. Kevin Kuhns says:

    The QR code in the book (page 2) did not go to a video, as expected. It said “Fish not found”.

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