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Learn more about fly fishing philosophy in these tenkara videos featuring industry leading tenkara experts.


A collection of tenkara fishing videos to help you choose the right tenkara fishing gear and learn about other fantastic activities you can enjoy along with tenkara fishing.

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Tenkara fishing is easy to learn and enjoy, especially for beginners or those new to fly-fishing. The simplicity of the gear and the streamlined approach makes it accessible and less daunting compared to traditional fly-fishing techniques. With no reel to manage and a simplified setup consisting of a tenkara rod, line, and fly, there are fewer components to learn and handle. This simplicity makes the learning curve less steep and allows you to focus more on the fishing experience than worrying about challenging techniques.

While it may be possible to adapt a traditional fly rod by tying your line directly to the rod tip and not using the reel, it can limit your ability to effectively execute the specific techniques and presentations associated with tenkara fishing. If you are interested in tenkara fishing, we recommend you use a dedicated tenkara rod to fully experience and appreciate the benefits and nuances of this unique fishing style.

The best size tenkara rod depends on various factors, including your personal preference, the fishing environment, target species, and your skill level. Tenkara rods come in different lengths, typically ranging from around 10 to 14 feet. If you plan to fish small streams with tight quarters, a shorter tenkara rod can provide better maneuverability and allow for precise casting in confined spaces. For larger rivers or when you need a longer reach, a longer tenkara rod can help you effectively cover more water. For more info, check out our video on choosing the right tenkara rod.