Yesterday’s tenkara photos

On March 23, 2013
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It snowed almost 10 inches here overnight and the snow continues to fall. As I shoveled the driveway, my next-door neighbor asked me “how do you like Colorado [now]?”
I love it.
Yesterday morning I headed out with my friend Malcolm Daly (founder of the Trango climbing equipment company, the Access Fund, Paradox Sports and others…wow…) to an area I wasn’t familiar with just outside of Boulder, Colorado. The drive took less than 30 minutes and the scenery was gorgeous. The snow will replenish the low water levels I saw yesterday, and it gives me a good reason to stay in and work on stuff I have postponed for months, like accounting. What is there not to love?

Since I’m looking for ways to continue postponing the accounting work, I want to share a few images. And, of course, just in case you’re also stuck in the snow and looking forward to the next day of fishing.

Tenkara brown trout

Tenkara casting two photos

Tenkara in Colorado

One unique thing Malcolm carries in his truck is this enourmous “biku”. A biku is a small Japanese creel that some anglers in Japan use to carry fish. Malcolm’s giant version is more practically used for storing his waders and dirty boots. I will have to find one of these, they look way cool.Giant Creel for storing waders

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3 Responses to Yesterday’s tenkara photos

  1. Richard Francis says:

    Greetings from Maine

  2. Ben says:

    Awesome pics! As Richard already mentioned it’s essentially a pack basket that we use a lot of in New England. It’s real popular with trappers as well.

  3. David says:

    I first became aware of basket backpacks very similar to the “biku’ when I lived in Amsterdam NY, near the Adirondacks, 40 years ago.

    I have seen them called Adirondack pack baskets or Trapper packs and various other names. I’ve seen them sold by several different makers over the years. I’m sure you can find one made in the size and shape you’d like made here. Interesting that packs so similar developed in countries so far apart.

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