Yesterday’s stream that I didn’t fish

On May 31, 2011
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Following a weekend of typhoon weather, with very heavy rains that raised water levels by about 3ft, yesterday I didn’t fish. But, I couldn’t sit still. I wanted to see what kind of photography I could capture with water levels still a bit high in most places (though not nearly as high as it was on Monday). The light was pretty interesting. I spent a few hours hiking along sections of the Maze river and found this spot. The climb down to the river was very difficult, and perhaps a bit dangerous, but the setting idyllic. The moss remained on the rocks despite a roaring river the day before. It was meditative, not a person nearby. I plan to fish this stretch when water levels return to normal.

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2 Responses to Yesterday’s stream that I didn’t fish

  1. ConorUK says:

    looks like a magical spot. maybe its a trick of the lens, but i would have fished that spot as the water seems fine to me!

    • The water actually didn’t look too bad. But, I figured since the fishing here has been relatively poor recently and the river was pretty much flooded the day before, I’d focus on photography. It’s so hard to choose not to fish, but I thought I could use some images from here too :)

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