Wild Trout (UK) Auction

On February 25, 2014
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The non-profit organization Wild Trout Trust is holding an auction with some items that may be of interest to the tenkara angler. The auction will be happening from March 4-13 via Ebay, so international bidders and supporters of their organization can easily participate. Tenkara USA is a staunch supporter of the Wild Trout Trust.
From their site: “The annual auction is the most important fundraising event for us. It raises vital funds which we use to deliver practical advice and habitat work, inspiring and helping people to protect wild trout. Click here to see how we use the funds raised in the auction.”
Below are a couple of items that were donated by Dr. Ishigaki for the auction.

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3 Responses to Wild Trout (UK) Auction

  1. Many thanks for your support Daniel – it is greatly appreciated. The gyotaku were brought to the UK by Dr. Ishigaki and donated with the aim of raising conservation funds. They were created by his friend Mr. Shigao Kikuchi – whose family name translates as “Chrysanthemum pool”; which is very cool if you ask me :)

  2. Indeed many thanks, Daniel. Our auction also has a heap of fishing that is perfect tenkara territory. It might be a long way for your American followers to come but then a day on the incredible streams of Derbyshire, Devon, Hampshire (etc) in England will be a very special day in life. Best always, Shaun

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