“Who are your heroes?”

On June 1, 2012
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Always a bit awkward writing about myself on this blog, but I truly enjoyed being the “victim” of Chris Hunt’s 20 Questions on Eatmorebrooktrout.com. Chris has been running a series called “20 Questions” with several folks well known in the fly-fishing industry, which I have been reading for quite sometime. I found they did a great job at revealing the human side of names we’ve become familiar with.

I like how Chris introduces tenkara:

“You know when folks start debating the merits of the craft on message boards, across the blogosphere and even in the mainstream press, it has arrived and acquired enough legitimacy to warrant a discussion.”

When I received Chris’ message with a request to answer 20 questions (actually, I answered 30, he selected the best 20) I was very happy to do so. As Tenkara USA has continued to rapidly grow in recent times, I have found that many people now think “I” am a big corporation. I got the message when I arrived at the airport on my way to Colorado. My flight was delayed by 2 hours, and knowing I would not have a minute to go through them during the week, I punched through the questions; free-writing style.

It was a super fun thing to do. If you want to learn a bit more about me, or simply which living person I despise most, take a look at his blog.


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