Welcome and enjoy the tenkara journey!

On April 10, 2009
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Welcome to Tenkara USA.

The journey began for us several months ago when we realized it was not possible to find tenkara gear or much information here in the US. How could such an effective and gentle art form and sport have not been brought to America yet? Shortly after asking that question, and having no good answer for it, Tenkara USA was conceived and work began .

For months we have been testing numerous tenkara rods, lines and flies to bring you only the best, even if that meant hours and hours fishing our favorite streams (someone just had to do it). We have also been translating and developing content about tenkara and a site that we hope you can enjoy. Of course,  and all the good start-up business stuff.

We’ll continue building the site, bringing you good content, videos, gear and updates. As the old cliché goes,  tenkara “is not a sprint, it’s a marathon…”

– “Tight lines”

As a Tenkara enthusiast in New York recently told us, “tight line” actually refers to the fixed-line fishing method (such as tenkara) vs. “running line”. So, when using it, make sure you are referring to tenkara, not western fly-fishing :)

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2 Responses to Welcome and enjoy the tenkara journey!

  1. Four years later…Thank you so much Daniel for introducing tenkara to all of us. I can’t imagine my life without tenkara now and the journey is still just beginning!

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