[VIDEO] Simple Tenkara Rod Maintenance

On February 22, 2013
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Maintaining your tenkara rod is pretty simple. Mostly it requires not storing the rod away wet, and keeping the segments clean.

Here’s a quick video on how tenkara rods operate and how you can keep them clean and working for years.

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2 Responses to [VIDEO] Simple Tenkara Rod Maintenance

  1. Great video, as always. But I have a question. I understand the part about grit abrading the inside of the segments, but what kind of damage can water cause? I hear lots of discussion about people drying out their rods but honestly, I never dry mine and I’ve never had any damage. Maybe it’s because I tend not to get the rod wet much when I’m fishing and Colorado is so dry, that it just dries by itself. But if I did pur the rod away wet, what kind of damage could it cause? Could it ruin the finish?

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