Video: Customer Service Tenkara Rod Tips from Tenkara USA

On August 22, 2018
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Tenkara rods are very easy to use and are pretty strong. Some common problems with tenkara rods are very easy to avoid or deal with. In this video, John Geer from Tenkara USA’s customer service team, will walk you through some of the common problems seen on a tenkara rod, how to avoid problems while using your tenkara rod, and how to troubleshoot and fix any problems you may encounter with your tenkara rod.
And of course, if your tenkara rod has the Tenkara USA name on its label, you can always count on our customer support to take care of you, that’s our Tenkara Care™ guarantee.
To learn more about tenkara rods, or for help from our customer service team, visit or call 888.i.tenkara (888.483.6527)

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4 Responses to Video: Customer Service Tenkara Rod Tips from Tenkara USA

  1. David says:

    Clearly and nicely explained tips on how to safely extend or collapse, and care for the rod. It’s the basically the same method I use, and I have never broken a rod section. Sometimes I have also found it useful when collapsing the rod to hold the larger section with one hand just below the joint while closely just above that section joint hold, push in, and twist the smaller section with the other hand to loosen a tight fitting joint. Just use a little extra caution with a thinner sections. A method I have seen Masami Sakakibara demonstrate.

    I am only confused by one thing – I’ve met John Geer face to face twice. The guy in the video doesn’t look like the guy I met. Even the voice sounds different. Have you guys cloned John, to get more work out of him, making two versions that look and sound a little different so you know when you’re talking to the original or the clone? ; -) Actually, if John and I met face to face again he might not think I am the same person. Two and a half years ago I started and have continued Dr. Bert Herring’s Fast 5 appetite correction plan. I’ve dropped thirty-five pounds, have more energy, and more mental clarity. Assuming the new look is intentional, congrats to John on achieving his goal.

  2. John @ Tenkara USA says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the kind words! Instead of cloning me, they actually have about half of me. :) I’ve been on a ketogenic diet, but intermittent fasting has also been a big part of my health and fitness regime. Very glad to hear you’re doing well, also! It makes it easier to get around on those streams. :)

    Tenkara USA

    • David says:

      John, Cool and whew, I’m pleased to learn your motivation wasn’t to avoid being picked out of a police lineup. I didn’t want to see your episode on the ID channel. ; -).

      But have instead been learning about glucose, glycogen, insulin, ghrelin, glucagon, leptin, HSL, HGH, leucine, BDNF, and what Dr. Jason Fung calls, the two compartment problem. and other fun stuff. Along the way you may have also discovered a statement, found here and there, and attributed to an inscription found written in 3800bc in an Egyptian monument, ‘We live on one fourth of what we eat; our physicians live on the other three fourths’. I’ve learned it’s not so much what you eat as how often you eat. And once you get ghrelin levels on the right schedule and cooperating with your goals – skipping meals for hours or a few days is easy, no problem. And I’ve become pretty creative at making salads and other foods too. ; -) .

      Getting around on the streams here has been very difficult here this summer. The wettest summer I can remember, with water levels often up in the trees on the river bank. It seems as soon as the water level drops enough to go fishing, another 24 hour rain sets in. Kind of contrast to England and Japan where it seems to be a dry summer from what I’ve read. Hope your catching is better than mine this summer & you’re not snowed in by the early snow storms I saw reported in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana the other day.

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