VanLife and Bass Fishing with tenkara

On July 28, 2017
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We have been on the road for 11 days now. Margaret and I have been enjoying our time together (we actually celebrated our 10th anniversary on the road last Sunday!). Living the “Van Life” is not glamorous, but we have seen some beautiful country, fished some gorgeous waters and enjoyed a few experiences we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Time has been short, and it is going by fast. I have been working on some videos and photography but it’s been hard to find reliable data connection or wifi along the way, so almost no time for writing and sharing things. I have been good at keeping our Instagram posts going when I find a bar or two of service on my phone.

This morning I turned the tenkaravan into a makeshift studio to record a new podcast episode about living life off the tenkaravan and about our very cool experience fishing for smallmouth bass with the fly-fishing author Dave Hughes and his wife Masako. If you’re interested, below is the episode I just posted (more information referenced in the episode please visit the podcast page.

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  1. Dave Rosset says:

    Daniel, enjoyed the podcast! If I had known you were going to be in the Seattle area, I would have given you our daughter’s number, so you could fill up on water and take a hot shower! I’ve enjoyed reading your book. And, I too just started fishing tenkara for Smallmouth. What a hoot!

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