The Vagabox saga

On June 20, 2014
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Oh, the places you’ll go!

Have you heard of the Vagabox?
In 2012 one of the users of our forum, Acheateaux, had this idea of creating a traveling tenkara fly box. The Vagabox. The box would contain some flies, and be passed from angler to angler in an itinerant fashion.

Vagabox the traveling tenkara fly box
Anglers would receive it, fish with flies in the box, and add some of their own flies. I had the pleasure of hosting it back in 2012, but then almost forgot about it. Until Mike at Troutrageous reminded me that, 2 years later, Vagabox was still around!
So, I spent a couple of hours last night going through all the posts I had missed in our blog, and trying to piece the “Vagabox Tales” together.

He’s been to a lot of places since I last saw him, and I’m sure he’s been to places I’m not even aware of. But, as best I could I tried painting a whole picture of where he’s been and what he’s seen and updating the map I had started two year ago. As one of the Vagabox’s hosts put it, “Da saga continues”. This map is intended to be a living interactive map that will grow with all the places the Vagabox will see. You can zoom in and click on him to read his stories.
Bookmark this post, and check in sometimes to follow the Vagabox around. We expect to host the Vagabox for a meet and greet at the Tenkara Summit in September.

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8 Responses to The Vagabox saga

  1. Jeremy says:

    The Vagabox is a cool thing. I’ve had the pleasure of it visiting me in Southern CA and it had a nice arsenal. It’s been over a year and I’m looking forward to fishing with Vagabox again this summer. It’s the one time I change my flies pretty much every fish or two I catch, just to say I used most of them, and for the experience of using flies I’ve never owned.

  2. Dan Raley says:

    I’d love to host the box for a couple of weeks. I live in Florida, so pretty much anytime would be fine as I fish year round. I warm water fish with tenkara and also tie flies commercially and would love to add a few great warmwater patterns of my own to it for everyone else to enjoy.

  3. Dan Raley says:

    Sorry for the typos on the above post. I was half asleep and auto correct on my phone did its usual wonders lol. It would be fine if you deleted that and this reply. I posted in the forum this morning to host the box.

    • Daniel says:

      Hey Dan, I know how it goes, too many of my iphone emails go out with weird typos. I fixed the couple. Hope you get to host the Vagabox soon.

  4. Pawel Bielecki says:

    Hi Daniel
    I would love to host the Vagabox for few weeks here in New Jersey. I would like to show others that we have beautiful streams here . You may remember the picture I emailed some time a go that was a rainbow trout 20 inch on Tenkara.
    I tie my own flies and will contribute to the box as well .

  5. ERiK says:

    Don’t forget Salt Lake City too! It was fun to have it, despite the cold November conditions.

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