UPDATE: EU Shipments

On February 13, 2019
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We received word that the fulfillment center we have worked with in the UK for the past 10 years to fulfill orders in the European Union is closing doors and leaving the UK.
Going forward all orders going to the UK and European Union countries will be shipped from our warehouse in the US.
Unfortunately orders will potentially be subjected to customs and duties.
For the next month or so, we will keep the shipping rate at $14.50. This is much lower than the actual shipping and handling costs that we incur on shipments to Europe, but we will work with that for the time being.

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2 Responses to UPDATE: EU Shipments

  1. Paul Hunt says:


    I’m interested in buying a Rhodo Rod, could you tell me how this would be shipped to my home address in the UK.

    Many thanks
    Paul Hunt

    • Hi Paul, sorry for the long delay in my response. We are currently encouraging shipping via UPS, which is more expensive but reliable. Customers also have the option of choosing USPS, which will be a bit less expensive but we are seeing very long delays in delivery sometimes. It is hard to know how long delivery may take as it has not been very consistent.

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