Tying Tenkara Flies II, in progress

On March 16, 2013
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Had a terrific evening of tying tenkara flies and talking about them with Gordon Wickstrom at the Tenkara USA headquarters. This is the beginning of working on Volume 2 of the Tying Tenkara Flies DVD, the conversation was fantastic. Gordon has decades of tying knowledge and has been interested in tenkara for sometime, the back and forth was certainly one of my favorite conversations this year.


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  1. David says:

    Not much time till May. Will Vol. 2 be ready by then? If I remember correctly Vol. 1 shipped at the time of the 2012 Summit. Indeed, I’m just getting ready to tie a Tummel style and Stewart Spider from Vol 1, to see if they sink a little faster without using wire. I could have used something similar today, when the wind mostly made my line look like a long thin flag.

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