Trivia: Why does our logo look like that?

On August 5, 2013
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Our logo is based on the first Japanese katakana character for “Tenkara”, which in Japanese is written: テンカラ or “Te n ka ra.” It was a nice coincidence that the “Te” looked like a “T” for tenkara.

Here’s our next shirt design, available in about 2 weeks.

Tenkara USA logo テンカラ

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6 Responses to Trivia: Why does our logo look like that?

  1. JDSmith says:

    I like the shirt, the color, and the fact that the logo is on the back. I prefer to have logo’s on the back of my shirts.

  2. Greg Pfeil says:

    Yeah, it looks great. Can’t wait to pick one up … at McGuckin’s?

  3. Jeremy (achilles38) says:

    I like the logo and design…simple, crisp, effective. Perfect tenkarafication of a company logo.

  4. craig says:

    In green too?

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