TJ ties the “Salt and Pepper” Sakasa Kebari

On June 23, 2014
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TJ ties his favorite tenkara fly, the Salt and Pepper tenkara fly, in the  sakasa kebari style. He will be tying the “gourmet” version, which is tied with two feathers for hackle, a black one and a white one (other options are grizzly or just black or white hackle).


Size 12 hook
White thread (sewing thread works well)
Black thread (sewing thread)
White hackle
Black hackle

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One Response to TJ ties the “Salt and Pepper” Sakasa Kebari

  1. A little follow up. I posted an update with a picture of one of the 1/2 dozen trout I caught with this exact fly I tied in the video and an after picture showing the kebari still has some use to it left.

    I shoot it until I lose it or it unravels. 😉


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