The Best Way to Hold a Fly? Possibly

On January 4, 2014
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Take a look at this Kickstarter campaign for what looks like may be a very nice fly-box that should hit the market soon. Their goal has been reached, which means they will be funded and should therefore produce the box. You can still get in on the super-early-adopter phase of the boxes with $15. Checkout their campaign here.


Fly box for tenkara anglers

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2 Responses to The Best Way to Hold a Fly? Possibly

  1. GregM says:

    Hard to know, not seeing the box or the dimensions, but it looks a little shallow for full hackle kebari.

  2. Jeremy (achilles38) says:

    looks nice, but way too organized for my style of fishing. I toss the flies in a small plastic container for that day and into my pocket, then off to fish. If I run out, then I guess I’m done fishing, haha.

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