The Tenkara USA Guarantee Don’t mail anything back to us, and don’t wait!

On February 20, 2013
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We put our name on our rods for a simple reason, we stand behind each one of them. In our short existence we have established a new and tough-to-follow standard when it comes to the warranty process of a fishing rod, and I may even say it is likely the best warranty process in the industry.

In the majority of situations our customers never have to mail anything back to us to get their tenkara rods repaired and back in the water. Our customers simply tell us which segment has broken and we get a replacement part sent to them. Ah, and the average time to get the replacement segment(s)in the USA is a mere 3 days! If you were unfortunate to break a tenkara rod on Sunday, you can call us on Monday, quickly repair your tenkara rod on Thursday and be ready to fish again that weekend.

If a rod has the Tenkara USA name on it we’ll get it fixed as quickly as possible. The reasons are pretty simple: keep our customers happy, and have them out in the water for as many days as possible so they can continue spreading tenkara.

We’ll always strive to make our tenkara rods as difficult to break as possible, but our easy and convenient warranty process is a huge reason more and more people choose to work with Tenkara USA. If you ever have a problem with our rods, you can call us at 888.483.6527 or email us, and our in-house customer service team will take care of you right away.
Have you needed to get your tenkara rod fixed? How was your experience?

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6 Responses to The Tenkara USA Guarantee Don’t mail anything back to us, and don’t wait!

  1. I have had the need to use the warranty for my 12′ Iwana on a couple of occasions, once when I broke the tip section while cleaning the rod. Just as Daniel said, within three days I had the new tip (for just 8 bucks, no less!) and was ready to fish. Absolutely the best warranty in the industry.

  2. James Robinson says:

    Unfortunately I have just the opposite situation. I was told the pole pieces would be delivered in 3 days but after not receiving them by the 4th day I called and was told it would 10 days.

    Still like the product and can not wait to get back on the water but I am disappointed in the service as it didn’t reflect the information described in the article.

  3. Bill Schulz says:

    One of the4 awesome things about the TENKARA rods is that you can buy a spare tip (top 3 sections). It’s easy to keep a spare on hand so that you’re not out of the action because of a broken tip. Still use the warranty, but plan ahead and get a spare “Just-in-Case”.

  4. John Carricaburu says:

    My Tenkara USA Sato Rod broke right at the handle when I hooked a large fish.

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