The Story of Vagabox Continues

On November 8, 2012
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Written by Daniel

Forum user Acheateaux had a brilliant idea: the Vagabox. The Vagabox is a traveling fly box that will be “bringing surprise, intrigue and fishing stoke with it wherever it goes. You fish with the box, enjoy it’s humble offerings and post up some stoke here.” Since our post on the Vagabox back in July, the box has enjoyed a journey to a few new spots. Here’s the updated map, you can click on the faces to see what the Vagabox experienced in each of the places it has visited.

The idea is to have a tenkara fly box that will be passed from person to person for 2-week stints. Each participant will fish with flies from the box, add at least three new flies and replace any lost flies. The flies are of varied nature, with a good mix of tenkara flies and other western fly patterns. With the box there is a journal, “The Tale of Vagabox”, where participants can record their experiences.

The project is was originally intended to run through the end of this year, passing through the hands of 13 people, but given its wild demand the project will go on indefinitely.

The last update we got was from Karel Lansky, where the Vagabox assisted him in a Colorado Grand Slam on tenkara! Next up, it seems like it will be in the hands of the Tenkara Guides in Utah. Stay tuned.


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