Tenkara USA’s tweets of the week #8

On May 27, 2010
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  • For now, tenkara nets are traditionally made of “gaia” trees, oh, man. Really sweet!!! Know what a “gaia” tree is? …guess. #
  • Plus stay tuned for: snake-skin flies, tenkara nets (MUCH more to it than I thought); tenkara techniques, pure tenkara, and more tenkara! #
  • No time for full blog yet, but, having an AMAZING time in Gujo area, Japan. Really, like a dream. Caught plenty of Amago and Iwana so far. #
  • @issaysa Thanks for the follow. We love 釣り吉三平, have you seen our blog on that? Tenkara Comics By Kondansya from tenkara father in reply to issaysa #
  • Another tenkara anglers gives up his western rod, if you still like a reel : #tenkara
  • Excellent article on the Italian cousin of tenkara, pesca alla valsesiana, TenkaraBum @tenkarabum #
  • Leaving to Japan in a few hours! Tenkara fishing with Dr. Ishigaki and Fujioka san, exploring and meeting many tenkara anglers…WOW! Cool. #

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