Tenkara USA’s tweets of the week #10

On June 21, 2012
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  • Who is Tenkara USA, a profile of the founder and who is behind the company.
  • Ed Engle on tenkara for Daily Camera: Ed Engle on keeping it simple: An unencumbered trip to a small stream “…tenkara rod an increasingly useful tool for fishing small mountain streams.” #
  • Eat More Brook Trout. 10 Fish Poses, I was caught in one I them!
  • Outstanding article by Daniel Silverberg on #tenkara reads like a pro.
  • Gyotaku, the Japanese art of fish printing.
  • Jason Klass (@TenkaraTalk ) is now the Director of Marketing for Tenkara USA. If you liked his content in the past, stay tuned @TenkaraUSA in reply to TenkaraTalk #
  • New post on #tenkara funny video, my wife landing a large rainbow, talk about technique: Tenkara with John Gierach and Ed Engle
  • Great segment on evil #simplot in the Daily Show #idaho waters need some help. #

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