Tenkara USA, passionate bloggers and Somerset

On January 29, 2012
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“Otsukaresama deshita” can be taken to mean “thank you for being tired”, more literally “you are tired”, and is usually used to express “good job” after a hard day of work.

Thank you everyone who came by our booth at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show! This was a terrific event. The interest for tenkara was nothing short of phenomenal. A special thanks goes to the tenkara anglers who came by and helped with the booth. That level of passion was awesome to watch. A huge thank you goes to Chris Stewart who helped man the booth this weekend, Tom Sadler who was a regular and very passionate presence, and the many bloggers and friends who came by: Lou of Fly and Fin, Matt of Funcfish, Bart of The Jersey Angler, Michael of Troutrageous! and Richard Dooley who I don’t believe has a blog but who was the winner of multiple tenkara nets and bamboo rods we auctioned for the tsunami victims early last year (pictures of Richard with his prized nets below) and who was there often helping many people with their questions as I gave a few interviews on the side or otherwise ran to my presentations.

Bloggers of tenkara

Richard Dooley helping out a customer. Great watching it. Thanks to all who did that.

Tenkara angler helping an interested novice

Bloggers of tenkara and friends hanging out at the welcoming booth of Tenkara USA!

Bloggers of tenkara hanging out

Richard was the winner of several items that helped the victims of the tsunami that struck Japan last year. He brought two of the nets he acquired and it was great seeing those again!

Richard Dooley with tenkara nets

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8 Responses to Tenkara USA, passionate bloggers and Somerset

  1. Chris Schatte says:

    Would have loved to have been there, but was fishing on the Guadalupe River with my Amago. Had several fly fishers interested and did mt best to be a Tenkara ambassador here in Texas.

  2. It figures I pick Saturday to go, when the rest of the blogosphere goes Sunday!

    Daniel – nice meeting you yesterday. Thanks for taking the time to show me that sweet Tenkara rod.

  3. Daniel it was a pleasure to meet you in person Sat (I hope the line holder comes in handy). I think with the interest I witnessed while there the future of tenkara in the US seems very bright. It was also a pleasure to finally meet in person a number of of tenkara anglers and bloggers and be able to attach a face to a name.

  4. Daniel, osaki ni shitsurei shimasu “I’m sorry to leave before you.” Please correct me if my Japaneses etiquette is wrong.

    It was a pleasure hanging out and I enjoyed learning the history of Tenkara and TenkaraUSA.

  5. Chris says:

    Great group of folks! Wish I could have been there… Even in New Jersey 😉

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