Tenkara USA in Japan, 1st photo preview

On August 21, 2013
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It is 2am here in Japan right now. Got back not long ago from 3 days of backpacking and tenkara fishing. Dead tired, leaving early tomorrow morning to meet Dr. Ishigaki in Nagoya and then heading to the mountains again. I should be sleeping but couldn’t wait to share a few photos that caught my eye when I was putting them on a hard drive. Tremendous time, some excellent video footage and more photography to come, including interviews with Mr. Sebata, video on tying the Sebata tenkara fly (really unique, you don’t want to miss this one when it comes out), interview with Mr. Yoshida and more.
Daniel Galhardo, Yoshida-Kebari, Yuzo Sebata tenkara Japan
Sebata-san tenkara fishing in remote mountain stream in Japan
Iwana caught on tenkara in Japan with Tenkara USA tenkara rod
Mr. Sebata cooking wild mountain vegetable tempura after day of tenkara


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8 Responses to Tenkara USA in Japan, 1st photo preview

  1. JDSmith says:

    Fascinating Daniel. I can’t wait to read more about your trip and to find out more on Mr. Yoshida as well as Mr. Sebata and his fly. Thanks for the update.

  2. Karen DeVoogd says:

    What fantastic pictures Daniel. You are clearly at peace!!
    Thanks for sharing your journey

  3. Dale H says:

    Great stuff and can’t wait to see more.

  4. Roy says:

    nice work! I am up in hokkaido and did some tenkara today hear the small town of しらおい. Hope you can visit Hokkaido sometime! Great mountain streams up here

  5. Eddie says:

    I think you must have had a great time fishing with Sebata-san and learned a lot of new things. I am looking forward to hearing from you about him.

  6. matt "statikpunk" donovan says:

    Oh man thats good stuff !

  7. David says:

    I too look forward to reading about the additional knowledge and experiences you gained during this trip. Bring back a hat and shirt like Mr. Sebata is wearing and I’ll buy them. ;- )

    Also glad to see no report of close encounters with the before mentioned hornets.

    Not meaning to jump over your later reporting but seeing Mr.Yoshida I suspected there might be something on his web site about this outing too.

    南アルプス取材釣行 Southern Alps reporting fishing line..
    実はTENKARA USAのダニエルが来日し Actually Daniel of TENKARA USA came to Japan…

  8. Matt (statikpunk) Donovan says:

    Mr Sebata seems like a real character. Im excited to hear more about him. I like the little cartoons of you and him on facebook

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