Tenkara USA expanding into new dealers

On June 8, 2012
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We’re slowly working through our backlog of interested dealers and getting our products in more shops. We can now be found in 12 stores throughout the country, and will be in several new locations soon. It is important to note that we are taking this process slowly, and if we are not yet in your favorite shop it is either because (a) they contacted us and we will be getting to them soon, (b) they still don’t know about tenkara, or have not yet contacted us, or (c) they just don’t get it, and we will not be trying to convince them. The stores we work with are very passionate about tenkara and see in it the same thing we do: a simple and effective way to fish mountain streams. Please visit them if you’re in their area, you may be able to see our entire line of products in person.

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  1. Jack says:


    I was going to post a comment because I recently saw that The Caddis Fly in Eugene is carrying the Amago, which is great! While I know you’re trying to expand carefully and sustainably, the spread of Tenkara USA is something I support and cheer. You’re on a wonderful and significant journey. The journey is commercial, but it’s importantly also cultural and it enriches the world. Best wishes!

    – Jack

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