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On June 21, 2013
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The Tenkara USA Dealer network is expanding. We have had a long backlog of dealers interested in carrying our gear since we started, but I have deliberately taken this process very slowly. It is a learning process of me, to work with stores as opposed to directly with customers. We have been working on making sure we can supply all dealers before taking new ones on. I have worked on making sure we don’t overextend ourselves as we work through this process. Our recent backorders are almost cleared by now and so we have been going through our waiting list of interested dealers and opening a few new ones, hopefully some near you. The map below shows you where our current dealers are located, it is starting to look a little fuller now.


If you know of dealers who are very interested in tenkara and would be a good place to carry our gear let us know. We’ll eventually get to them.
And, keep an eye open for an exclusive Tenkara USA Dealer Sale that will start in the next couple days.

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