A Message from Tenkara USA: Covid19, Warehouse Closure Sale, and more

On March 23, 2020
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Due to a potential warehouse closure, we are offering a 30% discount on all our rods and my book to try to move inventory out of our warehouse while we can so that we can get through this with all our staff. And a free hat will be included with every purchase containing a rod or more. We would love to have your support!

A Message from Tenkara USA and its founder

We, at Tenkara USA, have been closely monitoring the situation created by Covid-19. Like all Americans we share the same concerns and anxieties, and our hearts go out do anyone enduring the initial impacts of this crisis.

Things are changing at a speed none of us could have anticipated even just some days ago. Last week our receiving and packaging facility in California closed abruptly. And, then, just this morning the county where our fulfillment center is located in Texas has announced a shelter-in-place measure. We were fortunate that for the time being the fulfillment center secured an exemption due to being in the transportation business and being deemed essential.

As a fly-fishing business, we normally endure sleepy winters but prepare inventory for Spring so that you can get out when it warms up. Unfortunately, the reality is that just when sales were supposed to pick up, we were hit with this. And, we need to continue paying our employees and other bills. A warehouse closure for us could be devastating for us.

If you were thinking of getting a new rod, this would be a great time. Or perhaps if you know someone who has been interested in learning how to fly-fish, tenkara can be a great tool for them as they don’t need someone to be near them to learn, so if you can let them know about the sale that would be so appreciated by our entire team . You can also find a list of our dealers to see if you have one near you to purchase, most of them are doing curbside pick-ups where they are able.

As corporate citizens and as members of our local communities, the well-being and health of the community at large is our main concern. We will be doing our part staying at home, but also helping within our communities, offline and online, in any way we can think of.

In the coming weeks, we will be here with you, more connected than ever, in this time of physical social distancing. We have already started putting out free content for you to enjoy: Free downloads of our magazines, a new free coloring book, and we have revived our podcast the Tenkara Cast with a new episode now available here and more on the way.

We strongly believe fly-fishing is a much needed safe refuge at the moment, both mentally and physically. We hope that what we do can provide you with a much needed break from the social, emotional, and physical stressors we are all facing.

We are all in this together,

Daniel Galhardo (founder), and the entire Tenkara USA team

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7 Responses to A Message from Tenkara USA: Covid19, Warehouse Closure Sale, and more

  1. chris says:

    Amago ordered. Thanks for this opportunity to help your team and me to get a big rod into my collection.

  2. Steve Hegstrom says:

    Chris, it was a pleasure talking to you at the Sow Bug a few years ago in Mountain Home, Arkansas and your side kick who told me he lives in Kansas City. When this COVID 19 is over with I hope your business will restart. Take care of yourself. Steve, a fellow Tenkarist

    • Hey Steve, did you mean Daniel? I was there with Jeremy Shellhorn, our designer, who lives in Lawrence right by KC. Thank you very much. This sale has been a tremendous help and it is allowing our team to breath a bit more easily now. Thanks!

  3. Roy Ramdeen says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I am an old fly fisherman but very new to Tenkara. It is with much appreciated to you, in what you have done in the past years to bring such awareness of Tenkara to virtually all of North and South America. We will get through these times and my wish for you, your staff and all our families is a stronger better Tenkara USA. With that said I have placed an order. Thank you for making life a little more enjoyable. God bless….

    • Hi Roy, Thank you so very much for your words and for your support. We will indeed get through this together! We really appreciate your words and your order.

  4. Chris says:

    Ordered a Sato at the end of the month. Can’t wait to get out on the water and practice some social distancing!

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