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On August 1, 2016
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After 7 years of introducing tenkara outside of Japan, I am ready to publish my book on tenkara. But, I need your help to make this the very cool project it can be. Would you please help me spread the word about this project and consider backing my Kickstarter campaign for tenkara – the book?

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  1. David says:

    Looking forward to seeing/reading/watching the book. Oddly a couple of weeks ago I was wondering “what ever happened to the Tenkara book project Daniel said he was writing /working on a couple of years ago or maybe three?”
    I too was always lacking in any talent to accurately estimate how long it would take to complete a task, my estimates were always half or a third as long as it actually took. I never figured out if it was too much optimism or just being a poor analyzer of time/task requirements. Always finding the task time exceeding my time estimates lowered my esteem for Parkinson’s Law. The work always expanded to fill the time available and then a lot more.

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