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On April 6, 2017
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It’s been a long, long road.

I typed its first words nearly 5 years ago. But, as I continued to learn more about tenkara, continued visiting Japan and meeting more teachers, and continued to look at words I typed with an increasingly critical eye, the completion of the book I envisioned a long time ago just kept getting further away. Yet, (at last!) tenkara – the book has been received at our warehouse and is now shipping!

Click here to learn more, read an excerpt and purchase your copy.

With the help of Jeremy Shellhorn, our resident artist, I believe tenkara – the book turned out to be even better than what i could have envisioned years ago. It is something I’m very proud of having produced.

This has been a rewarding project. It has also been challenging trying to put all I could think of in pages that wouldn’t feel overwhelming; to give those who are deep in tenkara all they may want to know while also attempting to convey tenkara’s simplicity. I believe that has been accomplished.

With this book I also launched a new division of Tenkara USA, the Tenkara Press™, which will help us accomplish the mission of sharing the tenkara story. It has been interesting to learn so much about the publishing industry in the last several months. From concept, to writing, to designing and layout, and then finally the printing (which was done close to us in Denver and I watched the entire process) and now working out the best distribution for it, this has been quite an experience. I hope to get some other tenkara titles in production next year.

Those who have backed our Kickstarter campaign will be start receiving the book momentarily as we took care of shipping them earlier this week.

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12 Responses to tenkara – the book (now shipping)

  1. Nick Zurabishvili says:

    Maybe I’m the first who ordered the printed copy:))

  2. It thrills me to have played the simplest role in support your book, Tenkara. Last week was spent away in support of public access to public waters, teaching simple and lightweight backpacking techniques toward reaching distant alpine lakes, streams, and meadows, and traveling with students in a remote national park. Upon return, I dropped all my unpacking from a week out and settled in with a knife and a cardboard box knowing your book was contained there in. Your beautiful work is beyond my expectations. Your words, the images, the diagrams and illustrations, and stories will forever contribute to the literature and lore of fishing simply, with flies.

  3. David says:

    Hi Daniel
    I subscribed to the book through Kickstarter. I’m enjoying the pdf of the book whilst waiting for the printed copy to arrive here in the UK. I’m reading on the manipulation section at the moment. I’ve had some success with pause and drift recently. I use an Iwana where possible and a Rhodo on tight streams.
    One thing I’ve had a problem with is broken or non existent links to the demos. Link 28 for plunging doesn’t work for example. I haven’t always used the links so there may be others. Hope this can be fixed quickly, they are a great resource and those I’ve used are brief and to the point.
    Best wishes for the success of the book! I’m glad I subscribed.

  4. Finally got the book!! As for me it is a must have for a tenkara fisher. Thanks Daniel!!! I wonder if you have in plans to translate Dr. Ishigaki’s book “fishing with level line” from Japan.

  5. Roy Mark says:

    This is my eBay 5 star review as a new to Tenkara British fisherman. I bought a woodland in the Lake District (Cumbria) last summer which has the River Ehen running through it so got my rod on order and the book looks great after skimming through it. Roll on 1st April for the fishing season to begin;

    – I’ve got to admit that if I need to get to sleep reading a book on fishing is more effective than counting sheep. However Tenkara – the book is different.

    Living in the UK I had to import it and the extra £13 postage gave me second thoughts, but having just skimmed through it I am very happy with it.

    The book has everything , from the history of Tenkara in Japan to the most detailed description I have ever seen in a book of where the fish will likely be in different types of river and where to place your fly. Really good explanations on equipment , rod selection, line tying and fly selection, written in straightforward language that even a totally new fly fisherman could understand.

    Although I have to read it in detail yet I can tell it will be of use in setting up my equipment when it arrives and continue to be of use as I develop my Tenkara skills.

    Well worth the extra £13 carriage.

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