Tenkara Tattoo: 2

On July 8, 2012
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I never thought I’d have a follow up to a post I did almost a year ago about someone who got so into tenkara that he got some ink on his arm, yes, a tattoo.

But, here we are writing about one more person who fell in love with tenkara enough to get a tenkara tattoo! This time Kevin Brooks out in Alabama decided to get the katakana characters for tenkara (テンカラ) on his left arm. I asked him about the story behind the tattoo and he replied: “I have been thru a lot the last three years with my health and for sometime had a hard time fishing cause it hurt so bad. So when I tried tenkara, it did not hurt my back as bad and I could fish longer. Man talk about a blessing! So I read everything I could about it and when I read FROM HEAVEN I wanted it where I could remind myself where my blessing came from.”

I feel like it’s a great honor to see the ink on their skin symbolizing tenkara. It’s just way too cool. But, it does put some responsibility on us to ensure Brian and Kevin never regret having the tenkara name permanently etched on their skin.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    As far back as I can remember I have been drawn to the water. Fishing has been a constant part of my life. Using Tenkara for fishing has been such great fun. I can in no way see how fishing in my future could be avoided without a Tenkara rod. As long as there are people who enjoy fishing there will be a place for Tenkara.

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