Tenkara Takeover – Boulder Creek

On July 17, 2013
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How much fun would it be to have a bunch of tenkara anglers show up in mass with their tenkara rods in hand at a tenkara-perfect mountain stream that is practically in town and full of trout? It would be like taking-over the stream for a day, with a bunch of 12 to 13ft long tenkara rods waving about, attracting the curious looks and questions of passers-by.
Boulder Creek tenkara
That’s the premise of a casual gathering I’m proposing for Saturday, August 3rd on Boulder Creek, in Boulder, Colorado: The Tenkara Takeover – Boulder Creek. This is the first event of what I hope may become a tenkara tradition across the country, where tenkara anglers may hold their own “takeover” of popular streams.

If you’re anywhere near Boulder, Colorado, please join me on August 3rd to fish Boulder Creek. No RSVP required, and this is a free event. This is a casual outing and tenkara anglers are encouraged to fish up and down Boulder Creek at their own pace. Show up anytime, fish as late as you can. We just want to see as many tenkara rods there as possible. There will be some giveaways, some tenkara instructions if you desire, and likely free beer afterwards at Upslope Brewery.

– At 9AM I will be across the street from the first very large parking lot in the Canyon on the North/Right side of the road going up (by the footbridge for the Boulder Canyon Trail, and near and “The Dome”, the parking area across the street is huge and can’t be missed). I will assist anyone who may have questions about rigging and then do a short clinic on the water. I also plan on having some free giveaways like shirts and hats.
– Fish all day, until whenever you want
– At around 3 pm anyone interested can head over to Upslope brewery on 1898 S. Flatiron Court, Boulder, CO. we may be hooked up with some free beer by a brewery that supports local trout stream conservation!
– If you’re up for it, fish some more in the evening!

* I will have some demo rods if you or a friend wants to join but doesn’t have one.

Boulder Creek is the stream near Tenkara USA’s new home and it would be great to see the community coming together there. Other anglers may hate us or may be very curious, I sure hope it will be the latter.
*** In case they hate us, I also suggest bringing a plastic bag and pick up any and all trash we see there.

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18 Responses to Tenkara Takeover – Boulder Creek

  1. Great idea Daniel! I hope I can make it. And I’m not worried about being hated. I’m bringing some rod tubes filled with cement. Tenkara mafia.

  2. Jeff Abramson says:

    I’d love to join you. We’re headed that way on vacation, but unfortunately, won’t reach the area until the next day. Have a great day.

  3. Jeff Abramson says:

    Believe me, I’m trying to work it out, but my wife’s employer is not very flexible. No problem if it was just me, I’m self-employed. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll still be with you in spirit.

  4. Greg Pfeil says:

    Ah, I will be up on Long’s Peak that day! With luck, I may make it to the beer portion of the event.

    Never thought I’d be disappointed to be climbing Long’s 😉

  5. Gerard Yun says:

    Tenkara is a perfect fit for Boulder! Wish I was living there. Rock climbing and fly fishing every week in the summer. Tenkara is perfect for it. Best of luck at the Boulder Take Over! — Tell me when you’re ready to take on Canada!

  6. OK, I’ll be there! Looking forward to meeting more CO tenkara anglers!

  7. keith anderson says:

    I’ll be there. The Rockies are perfect for Tenkara.

  8. I’m there ! Looking forward to it. I’ve got a un reel rod we can sacrifice too. Or fend off the haters with. Lol
    Worth leaving Taos for…

  9. Sasha B says:

    So very exciting!!! Unfortunately I’m volunteering at Colorado Brazil Fest all day. Will definitely keep an eye out for future gatherings :)

  10. Greg Pfeil says:

    My plans have changed – no more Long’s Peak this weekend. That means I’ll be able to make it to Boulder Creek. Daniel, expect to see me at 9:00 sharp :)

  11. Christine says:

    Daniel – sounds great. I am brand new to Tenkara so looking forward to learning.

  12. Rich says:

    Missed it but wondering if the McGuckins coupon is still available for a local. Met a fellow newbie at the store yesterday and his purchase of two rods inspired me to make a decision!

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