Tenkara Summit Photography

On May 15, 2013
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Every event needs a good photographer. We have been very lucky to get professional photographers to attend all of our Tenkara Summits and memorialize the event in superb photos. This year we counted on the presence of Justin Ide. Justin was a participant at the event and is a professional photographer who offered to capture the moments at the 2013 Tenkara Summit. If you’re looking for a professional photographer, look no further: justin Ide Photography. Enjoy the slideshow below.
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Tenkara Summit 2013 – Images by Justin Ide

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5 Responses to Tenkara Summit Photography

  1. Justin Ide says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Daniel … I had a blast and even caught some fish in between! The Summit was far beyond my expectations and I really enjoyed it and the people involved!

  2. Rick Piccolo says:

    Great photos.

    The 3rd Summit was a great long weekend that covered it all. Meeting new people, learning more about Tenkara, informative presentations and some fine fishing to top it all off. Thanks to Daniel, the TenkaraUSA team of TJ, John and Luke, Brian and Colby Trow, Tom Sadler and the Mossy Creek Fly Fishing shop. Thanks for bring the Summit to Harrisonburg. This should be an annual event! Oh, wait…

  3. Adam Lucas says:

    Great photos Justin, thanks for capturing all of the Summit in pictures. Daniel, thanks for having the Summit here on the East Coast. Hopefully Tenkara Summit Harrisonburg could become an annual event, along with a west coast version some where. 😉


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