Tenkara Rod Tip Field Repair

On June 29, 2014
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Even I can find myself with a broken tenkara rod tip in need of repair. The odds implied that it was bound to happen. After about 6 years of tenkara fishing and opening and closing tenkara rods thousands and thousands of times, this weekend I was fishing in the Pacific Northwest when I broke the tip of my tenkara rod, for the first time ever not on purpose. It was my fault, I hurriedly tried to pull the line out and didn’t heed to my main advice: always keep the hard tip of the rod inside the handle segment while pulling line out of the spool.
Still, even though we were almost done for the day I tried to make the best of the situation by making a field repair of my tenkara rod tip with some spare replacement lillian I had on the rod. It was my first time attempting a field repair of the tenkara rod tip out of necessity. Watch to learn what to do if you find yourself with a broken tenkara rod tip.

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2 Responses to Tenkara Rod Tip Field Repair

  1. Timmy! says:

    Hey Daniel, loved the vid. I personally had a hard time hearing you. It may be my computer, i tried a few different settings to no avail.

    • Timmy, thanks for the feedback on the sound. I worked on this whole video on my iphone and it was sounding fine, but I can see that problem now. I’ll try to redo this.

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