Tenkara rod plug holder

On July 15, 2013
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Our friend and tenkara enthusiast Aaron “Tye” shared a cool DIY idea for keeping track of your rod plug. He cut a small piece of bamboo, drilled the node off it, and reinforced one end with Kevlar cord. While we are working on a new system for preventing plug loss, this one is easy for anyone to do. Great ideas are usually the simplest and we really like this.




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5 Responses to Tenkara rod plug holder

  1. Lynn David says:

    That’s a great idea and is something that could be adapted to any lanyard someone might normally use.

    Next someone will adapt a wooden netsuke to accept a rod plug. The rod plug end carved to complement the carving of the netsuke.

  2. Aaron Tye says:

    Daniel it was great meeting and thank you for sharing my plug keeper. I hope people make them and share them with us all. Cant wait to see what people come up with. thank you for sharing the way of tenkara, I’m excited to get back out there and try out the new things I’ve learned.

    P.s. I put up directions on how to make the plug keeper on the TenkaraUSA Facebook page.


  3. keith says:

    Thanks !!!
    I just lost my plug this past weekend if I had this made up I would not have lost it


  4. Joe says:

    why don’t you make a tube at the bottom of the rod that the plug would fit in

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