Tenkara reviews and testimonials

“I love companies that stand by their products. Tenkara USA is such a company. I break a rod on the weekend. I post a photo of a big fish and a broken Tenkara rod. John Geer from Tenkara USA sees the photo and figures out what is broken on his own. He then contacts me to confirm his findings and magically a day later the part shows up and my rod is back in business. That is customer service, that is quality, that is awesomeness in action. I have dozens and dozens of Tenkara rods. They look cool but I am afraid to fish them frequently or chase the “Monsters” because I know that if I break them, some of them would be impossible to get fixed. Tenkara USA rods are functional pieces of art, that I know I can rely on even if I am rough on them and put them through their paces. The Tenkara USA team has my back.” – Jacob Johnson

“I buy my rods from Tenkara USA’s website because I trust the brand and find the best information about japanese fly fishing there.” Al Alborn

“Best customer service I’ve encountered in the industry. I’ve somehow managed to break two rods and lose a butt cap this year and each time I got on the phone with customer service I had the new part sent quickly. Once I posted a pic of my broken rod and had a comment from Tenkara USA before I got back to my car, once home I made the call and had the new rod section on the way.” – Tim Harris

“Just picked up Tenkara USA rod yesterday. The quality of the rod out of the box was top notch and the rod itself is beautiful ( I have been shopping Tenkara rods for a while and yours is not only functional but stylish). I love it! Keep up the great work and keep the tips and pics coming in I love them!” – Carla in the ADKS NY


“I’ve caught more fish with my tenkara rods than any other, and love the ability to rapidly deploy my rods anywhere I go. I have gotten out on the water much more and enjoy it much more. The tenkara flies are a big hit on any water and with many fish. Tenkara USA customer service is top notch whenever I’ve needed it, and I love the videos!” – Mitch Seymour

“What do I do with the 5 fly rods that I have not used since I got my first Tenkara rod three years ago?” -Mike M

“I bought a Iwana 12′ three years ago and could not be more pleased with the quality of he rod. I broke the middle section once and ordered a replacement section which took a little bit to get back, but very courteous service. I broke the tip once and ordered a replacement tip, which came back very quickly. When I was just getting started I watched all the videos describing Tenkara, and was sold on the idea instantly. The information Tenkara USA makes available to the public is top notch and the forums can answer any question not covered. On a side note, I have personally met John and TJ and they couldn’t have been nicer!” – Kevin Fricke

“Thanks for introducing me to Tenkara.” -Adam

“I started fishing Tenkara last year starting with my Ito rod. Since then I must have caught close to 500 fish, some big some small. I don’t have any trout streams close so I use my rod at our local ponds. I have now own 4 different rods. The service at Tenkara USA is amazing. The products are top notch. I feel so strongly about Tenkara USA, I think I have convinced at least 20 other people to fish with Tenkara USA gear. … I cannot say enough about how easy and enjoyable fishing with Tenkara is and Tenkara USA.” – Patrick D’Antonio

“I have only fished Tenkara for a year now and I love it. Thanks in no small part to Tom Sadler and Tenkara USA, I have found a great and simple way to fish. Tenkara USA offers great gear, great prices and even better customer support. Also, if you have not attended a Tenkara Summit, make it to the next one. Well worth it!!” –  Marc Hutzell

“Tenkara means I can fly fish on backcountry trips without all the weight and hassle of regular fly fishing gear. It also means I will catch more trout.” -Jim

“I started Tenkara fishing last year and haven’t picked up a western fly rod since.” -Matt Watts

“The light weight and simplicity of the tenkara system has changed my life by renewing my love for fishing. I learned a long time ago that if you make something too complicated it will take all of the pleasure out of it. Simple is sophisticated” – Edward Taylor

“Tenkara has completely changed my perspective and enjoyment of fishing.” -Tsegelke

“Tenkara has really rekindled my love of mountain stream trout fishing.” -Cody Hutchison

“The ultimate way to fish small creeks and streams! You will catch fish using tenkara.” -Grant

“I love how tenkara has changed the way I fish. There is no going back for me.” -Thomas S

“Things just look better from the water.” -Thad

“Tenkara…..its what’s for dinner.” -Aaron Ketchner

“One of the best gifts you can give is the gift of Tenkara.” -JDSMith

“Flyfishing is a beautiful sport. Bringing a version of it from another culture and introducing it to others makes it that much more beautiful.” -Jason Leonard

“I started out with the intention of doing some fishing while backpacking. Now I backpack to places in order to fish.” -Itsjaywhatsup

“I’m killing it with my Tenkara rod in the high country.” -Jeff Wisely

“I wanted to love fly fishing but it was just to complicated. Tenkara gave me simplicity and enabled me to love it. Thanks!” -David Robinson

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4 Responses to Tenkara reviews and testimonials

  1. Jake Harman says:

    I am curious to know how or where the 1% you give to conservation goes. What groups does Tenkara contribute to?

    • Jake, primarily it has been Trout Unlimited, we donate to a combination of national and regional chapters.
      I’ll try putting something together where we catalog all groups we donate too besides Trout Unlimited but that’s by far our main beneficiary.

  2. Neil A. Kaneshiki, MD FACS says:

    I broke a rod during a demonstration on a weekend and e-mailed Tenkara USA on Sunday to find out how to get the rod fixed. I expected a reply the next day. What I got was an e-mail back from John within 15 minutes… on a Sunday! What service! My issue is resolved and I will continue to recommend Tenkara USA to all of my friends.

  3. Robert says:

    My first year just completed with my Tenkara rod. I have landed more trout than any previous year.I believe that is do to the fact of placing the fly in a more natural position than trying to make a 70 ft cast.

    It is a joy to fish this rod

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