Fly-Fishing author Dave Hughes puts it well in his latest book, “Trout from Small Streams, 2nd edition”

“Tenkara fishing can be an end in itself, but it’s also an excellent adjunct to a day hike, backpacking trip, berry picking expedition, or any other activity that gets you out in the world where you might come across a trout stream.”



TENKARA+ Anything. We want to tell people who think fly-fishing is too time consuming or involves too much preparation that they don't have to be going on dedicated fishing trips in order to enjoy fishing, nor do they have to be hardcore anglers to fish. Tenkara can go well with anything outdoors. If you're going hiking, biking, backpacking, foraging, climbing or even SUP 'ing, make sure to bring a tenkara rod along! That's the idea behind TENKARA+.

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