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On April 13, 2015
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The Keeper

Since the beginning of tenkara, anglers have pondered how to best manage and store their line. There have been multiple solutions devised since then, and we thought we’d bring our insights into creating something we think will be useful to those taking up tenkara and even for the western fly anglers looking for a good way to store a couple of leaders and some flies.

The Tenkara USA Line Keeper is line holder solution that also incorporates an integrated fly box. The Keeper is designed to hold two tenkara lines, or tenkara line and tippet. That way a minimalist tenkara angler can have the tenkara line, tippet and flies in a compact solution.

This tenkara line keeper features two patent-pending solutions. The first one is a completely unique line-catching mechanism. As you wind the line it gets automatically caught between two walls so that the line never “explodes” out of the spool, and you can stop winding it at any point rather than looking for a notch to stop.
Another one is a small compartment to hold between 6 and a dozen flies. It’s not designed as a fly box replacement, but for a quick outing, or just in case you lose flies, these will always be there with you.

And, perhaps the best part, The Keeper is always smiling :)

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24 Responses to Tenkara USA Line & Fly Keeper

  1. squatchinsince86 says:

    Brilliant! Is this amother tenkara usa original?

  2. Synchronicity at its finest. Developed in CAD a dual line keeper with small fly keeper “box,” two finger holes, recessed fly keeper (from tied to tippet). I’m an Industrial Designer and always saw the need for a better holder. Well done. Would love to be a part of the next product development!

    • Thanks Matt. Will keep that in mind.

      • Steve says:

        I agree with Matthew. This appears to be an elegant design solution. I’d love to hear about the design process, and who decided the materials, the size of the bumps needed to make the line catch a little bit but without getting snagged, development of the final shape, etc. This would be a great case study for an industrial design class.

  3. I’ve got one in hand and it is even more impressive in person. It’s one of those designs you just have to play with in person to fully appreciate. Until it’s ready for sale, here are some closeup pics too: The Keeper Tenkara Line Spool

  4. Steve Davis says:

    Great new product! Heading out tomorrow with my brand new Rhodo for opening day of the early trout season here in Wisconsin! It’s my first time fishing Tenkara and I can’t wait to make my first cast. The videos here and blog posts and comments have been an awesome help.

    Can’t wait to add this to my kit!

  5. Daniel, very well thought-out product. But as a tenkara angler who prefers EZ-Keepers for line storage, I would suggest incorporating two “hooks” permanently on the butt section of the rod to wind the line around for storage while moving from one fishing spot to the next. No need to fumble with a spool, adding it and removing it from the rod.

  6. Hud Peters says:

    Daniel… Great product to come… Can’t wait to use it when available.

  7. Very cool innovation. I love the line holder with a handful of flies inside the built in pouch. I’m not necessarily a Tenkara fisherman but I think we get out of hand with how much gear we take to the river. Your blend of Tenkara and innovative equipment for minimalist fishing is great. Keep up the good work. Your friends at CurrentSeamsFlyFishing

  8. Chris says:

    This looks like an amazing product and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Any updates on availability?

  9. James says:

    any updates on when we can get our hands on the keeper? the suspense is killing me!

    • James, we are receiving packaging for these on Tuesday and they will be up on the site by May 1st. Finally all coming together. Thanks for your patience.

      • James says:

        just a word of warning- with all the interest building up for the release of ‘the keeper’ you might have an Obamacare website scenario and your site might crash with the mad rush for orders!
        cant wait

  10. Glenn A Wolfgang says:

    I’d like to order 3 new line keeper

  11. Colin says:

    And now the keeper!……..(ahem) and now the keeper!….. I SAID, AND NOW THE KEEPER…!!!!!!!
    (Where? sniff..sniff..)

    • Good news, it is now packaged up (after a long delay in our packaging getting done….thanks big marketing firm that was supposed to help things get executed quickly!). And, it is in transit to our warehouse. Available this coming week! Promise it this time.

  12. matt says:

    Was just curious when you will have more of the Keepers available?

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