Tenkara License Plates

On October 28, 2012
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Written by Daniel

Most states in the US allow for customized license plates. Several of them allow for 7 characters, the perfect number for the word TENKARA.

Getting a customized license plate costs money and makes it easily identifiable – what if I park near a “tenkara-hater”? So, I never thought I’d get a customized license plate for my car. But, when I noticed the number of letters was perfectly suited for the word tenkara I had to get custom plates.  Plus, I learned that these “Special Interest Licence Plates” direct the money paid for them toward good causes, such as environmental groups, that was enough for me to pull the trigger. And, surprisingly I wasn’t the only one!

The one below is the first one I got and the money goes to the Yosemite Conservancy.

Once I got the first “TENKARA” plate I just had to get one for our second car. I went for “I 10kara”. The money goes to the California Tahoe Conservancy.

Tenkara guide Tom Sadler, out in Virginia, got 10Kara for his car. While he could have gone for “TENKARA” that wouldn’t leave room for the brook trout on the plate. The brook trout benefits the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries – if you ask me, I think choosing the brook trout with 10kara was a great choice.

John Ellsworth and Carrie Mori, certified tenkara instructors who split their time between Utah and Idaho, have amassed 3 tenkara license plates! Two in Utah and one in Idaho.

John Ellsworth Idaho Tenkara License Plates

The plate on John and Carrie’s camper supports wildlife conservation in Utah and features Utah’s cutthroat trout. Neat.

John Ellsworth Utah Tenkara License Plates

John Ellsworth Utah Tenkara License Plates

John Fuller also in Virginia picked the same plate as Tom Sadler, benefitting Wild brook trout in the state, and here’s his plate:

John Fuller Tenkara license plates in Virginia

These are way too cool! I wonder if we’ll see 50 TENKARA plates one day.  Do you have TENKARA plates or know someone who does? We’d love to see it.

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11 Responses to Tenkara License Plates

  1. I’m literally on the way to pick mine up right now (sorry Daniel). If it’s any consolation, I’ll probably have to wait in line at the DMV for 3 hours. :)

  2. John Fuller says:

    I have a VA one that benefits the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries too. TNKARA with the Native Brooke Trout is adorning my Prius –

  3. Mike B. says:

    Funny – I ordered the NC TENKARA plate Saturday night!

  4. Mike B. says:

    Sorry, I meant Friday night. Either way, cool timing!

  5. Roders in the Shen Valley says:

    Since 10KARA and TNKARA were already taken in VA, we got TENKRA. On the Brook Trout plate, of course. Picture on the way.

  6. My wife just gave me a new plate for my birthday! TENKARA

  7. Marc Blank says:

    10KARA taken where I live; what do you folks think of TENKRA vs 10CARA?

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