Tenkara lessons from 6-year old Jack

On April 9, 2012
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On my last post I said the off-topic post would not set the precedent to talking about funny cats. But, I could not have predicted the future. In this hillarious video, 6-year old Jack (son of John, from tenkaraguides.com) gives us some great lessons on tenkara, covering the importance of casting accuracy, enticing a take, fly manipulation and how to land a fish.


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7 Responses to Tenkara lessons from 6-year old Jack

  1. Thanks Daniel for taking time to catch cats with Jack. A great end to a fun filled day of fishing with you.
    John (Jack’s dad)

  2. Dale "257ROBT" says:

    That is too funny. The video shows a few things that I have learned about Tenkara from my son who is now 8. Tenkara rods are easy to cast and the kebari can be placed accurately. The last time out fishing, my son asked to use a Tenkara rod instead of spinning gear. He had more fun with the Tenkara gear and asked that the next time we go out that we don’t bother bringing spinning gear!


  3. Lol, that is great. Can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to do stuff like that!

  4. Mark Cole says:

    Great video. Getem while the’re young.

  5. Great job Jack and great job Dad! I hope my three year old can sat a Tenkara rod like that when she’s six!

  6. David says:

    Now we know that Tenkara is good gear for catfishing !
    Fresh minds see new possibilities the rest of us have filtered out.

  7. Mandor says:

    Sure did. Time to be thankful the cabin is at less than 4000 feet. Still will have leitmid opportunities, but we’ll be able to chase some wild browns in a canal that looks more like a stream, as well as small wild rainbows in a nearby Stream X (11 miles out Forest Service roads). It’s small enough to not be impacted by runoff too much Thinking one spot I was hoping to visit will still be under snow, though. Looking forward to your Opening Day report(s). Patrick Konoske

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