Tenkara Knots – Back to the basics

On March 13, 2012
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At recent weeks I have had a chance to spend time with a lot of people who have been doing tenkara for sometime, and others who are completely new to it.

One thing I noticed was the need to tell “old-timers” and novices the same basic things regarding setting up the rod and some of the knots. Particularly, tying the line(s) to the rod tip, and tippet to level line and also the use of the line holders. Most experienced anglers are used to doing things in certain ways (e.g. most people think you should tie loops to the ends of the level line).

So, yesterday I spent some time making a video of the knots used in tenkara. I urge everyone to spend a few minutes reviewing the video, I believe you’ll see at least one or two new things in it, and some very simple ways to connect things together.

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3 Responses to Tenkara Knots – Back to the basics

  1. Mark Cole says:

    Nice job. Very clear explanation of the Tenkara knots.

  2. jaymesymonds says:

    Great post!, however personally i do prefer easy keepers for ‘on stream line management’ but for at the end of the day all lines do go on line holders as shown in the video.

    great job!


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