Tenkara Knot Posters

On November 26, 2013
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Here’s a very neat poster illustrating some of the knots used in tenkara when tying the tapered lines to the rod and how they all go together. The art was created by Andy Steer and is also available for sale on his CafePress webstore as posters. Very neat use of the rod too.
Tenkara Traditional Line or Tapered Line Knot Poster by Andy Steer

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2 Responses to Tenkara Knot Posters

  1. Jeremy says:

    I like the knot chart.
    Without a knot on the lillian the loop on a furled line can be used. Wrap the lillian around the furled loop twice instead of once behind where the Lillian knot would be. Give it a try, stays put while fishing removes easier for line changes and taking the rod apart is easier after fishing for cleaning and drying out.

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