If you know… a fun infographic

On January 30, 2015
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Here is a fun infographic created by Jeremy Shellhorn comparing tenkara and western fly-fishing. If you know a few things, you can leave a lot of other things behind.


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5 Responses to If you know… a fun infographic

  1. Kurt says:

    in Scotland I met an old Ghillie that fished in his Knickerbockers and brouges just using an 18′ Greenheart, a Perfect reel with an old silk line on, having nothing else with him, but a small box with some flies and leader material.. He covered half the river Dee from his bank ..so far for simplicity, that isn’t a matter of type of fishing, but mere a matter of type of personality.

    • Point well taken Kurt. I think I was trying to show that fly-fishing CAN be simple. It’s just a matter of choice.

      • Kurt says:

        would be nice if tenkara was to contribute that more fishermen think back and start to simplify western fly fishing as well. Sometimes it seems to me as if for many gear was more important than fishing itself and many anglers would rather go to war than to approach a costly nature that should be well preserved – also by keeping outfit simple. Do we really need all that high tech stuff to intrude in every last spot?…and catch the last fish?
        Many years ago when I stayed a night in Narita I watched a movie in the hotel TV, was about an old Japanese couple that lived the traditional way in a mountainous region and the old man went fishing barefoot with simplest means, with net and also Tenkara style, and still went hunting with his old blackpowder rifle…you would like this documentation

  2. Colin Bruner says:

    Ahhh, if only the Tenkara guy had a coffee mug in his idle hand. : D

  3. mike says:

    Funny. The reel is the only real difference. Could get away with just the stuff on the left western fly fishing or use all the things on the right with a tenkara rod. Tenkara is fun, I love it but enough self satisfaction. After all you’re just rapping:)

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