Tenkara Humor and some very big fish [VIDEO]

On October 28, 2013
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[UPDATE: The show below will be available online, LIVE, this Saturday at 9am Eastern/7am Western on TUFF TV’s live network feed]

Many years ago I saw a sign on the side of a street that read, “Those who don’t laugh at themselves leave the job to others.”

When I was invited to participate in the TV show “LIP’EM & RIP’EM” a few months ago, the producers suggested doing a funny skit in the beginning of the episodes. The show is known for its good humor, which has attracted a good viewership because of it. When they proposed having one of the show hosts, Scott Thompson, dress as a ninja, I admit I did not want to do it. But, as we discussed the scene and how it was going to play out, it made a lot of sense. I could visualize it and see how it would address some misunderstandings about tenkara but with a sense of levity. After all, “those who don’t laugh at themselves leave the job to others.”

Here is a rough preview of the first episode we shot (sorry, it is not in HD due to the 20 minute length of the episode, which will be aired on TV in the near future). I hope you will enjoy it and take it in the light it was intended. I personally feel it turned out great, especially the fish at 16:15 which may be my best to date.

I should mention that part of the inspiration for this skit was Dr. Ishigaki’s business card, who is well-known for his good sense of humor. On the back of his business card it says:

“Tenkara is not tempura, it’s not karaage (fried chicken), it’s the Japanese style of fly-fishing”.

Dr. Ishigaki business card

Dr. Ishigaki’s business card

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11 Responses to Tenkara Humor and some very big fish [VIDEO]

  1. Rickles says:

    Funny and well put together!

    My only complaint – It’s 2013 and 360p is the best resolution they can provide? :)

  2. Jeff (MadBadger) says:

    It’s great. A perfect chance to show off Tenkara. Many studies have shown that sliding your message into a humorous presentation is the most effective way to influence people. This gets across many Tenkara positives and it doesn’t hurt that your catching lots of Trout, lots of big Trout! I think it’s brilliant.

  3. Jeff (MadBadger) says:

    Which TUSA rods were you using in this video? They certainly handled some big fish.

  4. Jeff (MadBadger) says:

    I have the Amago and use it when I may get into bigger trout. Also forgot to ask which flies everybody used. Daniel, I assume you used the Ishigaki Kebari? Did everyone use Tenkara flies?

  5. Michaela says:


    I really enjoyed the video thank you!

  6. mike says:

    what a great video. i’ve just forwarded it to my neighbor who swears he is too set in the western style to even try fishing without a reel. it is obvious that lefty had a great time, but i’m curious about what scott and the others in the crew had to say about tenkara when all was said and done.

  7. mike says:

    looking forward to it.

    also, my neighbor, who’s biggest gripes have been, “how do you play and land the fish?” and “you can’t land bigger fish.” wrote back, “i see how it’s done now.” he also got a kick out of scott’s shinanagens. now i’ve got to get a rod in his hand.

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