New tenkara hat and shirt designs now available

On November 18, 2014
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Our new tenkara hat and shirt designs just arrived and we’re psyched to now have these on offer for you. This year we have been focused on trying to figure out our brand and we have been fortunate to have run into Jeremy Shellhorn, who’s helped us find a unique look to share.
The trucker hats are very comfortable and have fit on every head that has tried them so far. It features the Tenkara USA “Te” mark on the front and a dark underbill to keep reflection off your eyes. Get it here. 

Tenkara trucker hat

“Tenkara fishing is very simple, which makes me feel I am a part of the mountains.” – Yuzo Sebata

The shirts are based on the 2014 Tenkara Summit shirt design by Jeremy Shellhorn. The artwork will be a classic; it embodies the tenkara ethos in its simple line drawing with you, as the angler, becoming one with the mountains. Get your shirt here. Tenkara line drawing shirt

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2 Responses to New tenkara hat and shirt designs now available

  1. Jay says:

    What’s this with not available in European Union?
    Just ship!

    • Jay, we are in the process of stocking our warehouse in the UK. Right now we could ship them, but with our current systems it will cost more to ship to Europe than the product and we don’t feel that’s fair to our customers. That’s why we stock products in a warehouse there, to save our customers money.

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