The Tenkara Guide Network™ is a directory of tenkara guides and instructors who use tenkara as their preferred method of fishing. The intent of the network is to put our customers in touch with guides knowledgable and experienced in the tenkara. If you are a fly-fishing guide interested in joining the network, read this.


    Disclosures and Terms
    While Tenkara USA will try to ensure only tenkara guides with credentials and the proper licenses, documentations and insurance are part of the network, we do not take responsibility for the services provided by the guides in the Tenkara Guide Network. Tenkara USA is not a guiding outfitter. Tenkara USA is not liable for the services provided by guides in the Tenkara Guide Network nor the Certified Tenkara Guides that are part of the network. The certification is simply our way to indicate the guide has a good understanding of traditional tenkara. It’s not our goal we do not endorse nor underwrite guides.The Tenkara Guide Network is a trademark by Tenkara USA. Tenkara USA reserves the right to refuse or recall participation in this directory at any time.

    Become a part of the Tenkara Guide Network:

    While we can vouch that every guide in the Tenkara Network is committed to tenkara and has a great understanding of the method, we have also started a certification program for more in-depth endorsement of guides in the network. Certified Tenkara Guides have been certified in person and have shown a great understanding and commitment to tenkara’s history and philosophy as well as techniques and skills used in tenkara. However, this is a very small part of our program, since each certification is conducted in person we are not able to certify every guide in the network. We are working on ways to make that happen in the future.