Tenkara Guides of Utah on the news!

On March 5, 2012
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The guys from Tenkaraguides.com, Erik Ostrander, John Vertelli, and Rob Worthing, marked a new milestone for tenkara’s introduction in the US by appearing at the TV program KSL Outdoors with Adam Eakle. They told the story beautifully; the host of the show, Adam, did a great job at narrating it, and the video was very well edited. Kudos to the tenkaraguides.com and thank you to KSL for the interest in tenkara! Love the energy those guys are bringing to the community.

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13 Responses to Tenkara Guides of Utah on the news!

  1. TJ Ferreira says:

    Nicely done to all involved. tj

  2. Karen DeVoogd says:

    How sensational!!!!!!! These guys are outstanding disciples! They just should have mentioned your name Daniel. :0)

  3. Awesome video. I know it was focused on Tenkara Guides but I agree with Karen. They should have at least mentioned Tenkara USA or something about how Daniel introduced it to the West.

    Erik has a great on-camera presence and really describes tenkara well. In fact, this is probably the most accurate “mainstream” piece I’ve seen on tenkara do far. Well done!

  4. Tom Davis says:

    Cool video! I have a trip planned with these guys March 16th and I am pretty excited. Maybe I just saw some of the water we’ll fish!

  5. First I ❤ watching Tenkara Videos, and here you can clearly see the advantages of Tenkara over western fly fishing in winter: No icing up guides, no freezing hands from stripping. (This was a point i never thought about, until i read the last Tenkara article at bugchuckers)

  6. Bryan Rourke says:

    That was fun to watch.
    Thank you.

  7. Hey Gang,
    We did mention Daniel and Tenkara USA during interviews, sadly, we have no control over what the editor decides to put together in the final piece.

    Looking forward to fishing and meeting you all at the Summit in Salt Lake City.


  8. It was a ton of fun to shoot, and even cooler to watch ourselves on TV. Adam did a great job of presenting the story we wanted.

    Boy, I need a tan!

    Looking forward to meeting many of you at the 2012 Summit here in SLC, UT.

  9. Daniel, thank you for giving us something worth representing. See you in a few months in SLC!

  10. gareth hayes says:

    Nice video, just taken up the sport in Wales, UK. My brother Simon introduced me to the art.I fish the river Ely 5 minutes walk from my house,lovely small to medium browns.Great fishing.

  11. Nice show… you guys look like you’ve done TV for years. Don’t worry about not mentioning TenkaraUSA… If one Googles “Tenkara”. guess what comes up, (I’ll give you 3 guesses) no, better make that the first three sites that comes up. LOL LOL LOL

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