Tenkara fly-tying, large sakasa kebari

On December 27, 2010
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A new, shorter version of the tenkara fly-tying video featured in our tea post.

Tenkara fly-tying, sakasa kebari
Demonstration on how to tie a tenkara sakasa kebari (reverse-hackle tenkara fly). This fly is tied on a large, size 8 hook. It is ideal for fishing mountain streams that are running a bit higher and you want to increase the visibility of the fly, or when you see larger bugs in the water. This is pretty much the only pattern I use, though I most often use flies in size 12. Fly-fishing for trout in mountain streams means that the fly used doesn’t need intricate details, so, any fly with a size similar to bugs in the water and general bug shape, such as the sakasa fly, should work well as long as it is presented and manipulated properly.

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4 Responses to Tenkara fly-tying, large sakasa kebari

  1. Stoorrits says:


    I just joined up with Tenkara Usa
    I’m hoping to look around a while and meet interesting folks and discover a couple of things.

    I hope this doesn’t end up in the wrong category. I aplogize if it does.


    Painter (Industrial)

  2. Brandon says:

    Hey Daniel, great video and great fly. I love the concept of one fly, and have been using it ever since I got my first rod from you last spring. AND USING ONLY ONE FLY WORKS! Better, in fact, than any other method of trout fishing than I have used before. I did in the beginning tie various colors of the sakasa kebari, and sometimes get creative with body materials…but not anymore. Black thread and hackle, sometimes with a red or white butt section. I’ve never done one as big as a size 8, but will have to give it a try for when the water is running high. I was wondering if you could comment on what types of hooks you use (dry/wet?) and what type of hackle you use on this fly (saddle/neck?). Thank you and keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Brandon for your comments, and I think it’s awesome you’re fishing that way.
      I really like larger flies for tenkara fishing, and it is pretty common for tenkara flies to be larger, the smallest ones are size 16 and hardly used. Tenkara anglers tend to stick with 12 and 10s mostly.
      I believe I was using a saddle for that fly, but I had neck and saddle feathers next to me at that time. But, either one should work well.
      For hooks I prefer to use dry hooks, I can make them heavier if needed with more thread, and the shape works well.
      My favorite hooks to tie my usual flies with are Gamakatsu S10-B size 12 (F-11-B) barbless. But, again, not too particular about it.

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