Tenkara Flies on Wednesdays: The Horse Hair Sakasa Kebari

On July 18, 2012
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written by Jason



This is one of my go-to patterns and lots of people have asked for a video on how to tie.  It’s a simple pattern, but the two contrasting strands of horse hair used for the body create nice segmentation while the variegation of the grizzly hackle gives a complex, “buggy” impression.


Hook: TMC 2499SPBL #12
Thread: Camel, 8/0
Hackle: Grizzly
Body: 2 strands of horse tail – 1 light, 1 dark

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14 Responses to Tenkara Flies on Wednesdays: The Horse Hair Sakasa Kebari

  1. Tom Davis says:

    Synthetic hair, such as Super Hair (like for Craven’s JujuBeatis), works well too. Super Hair also “glows” as light penetrates through it. It comes in many color variations.

  2. Good point Tom. I prefer natural materials but using Superhair opens up a huge range of color combinations and possibilities. Hey, what if you used three strands all of different colors? The amazing technicolor dream kebari!

  3. Greg says:

    moose mane hair could likely make a good substitute if horsetail is not available. Great fly, I look forward to tying some up!

  4. Dale says:

    Great looking kebari. A few weeks ago I saw a magazine article that talked about using buck tail to try to create the segmented look.


  5. Greg, moose works too but it can be brittle. Just test for strength before you wrap it in.

    Dale, Thanks! Seems like buck tail might be kind of thin and would only be good on smaller flies. Did they just use one strand or a few strands and twist it?

  6. Brian Flemming says:

    I love this fly. Nice tie, Jason. Off to search eBay for horse hair…

  7. Greg, I agree with Jason….I have tried using moose mane hair a number of times for the body of a sakasa kebari. It has never worked out too well. The hairs frequently break. Deer hair works better than moose but not as good as horse hair.

  8. Robert says:

    Great looking fly. Love the segmented look – but, where does one purchase horse hair?

  9. Also, keep in mind moose and deer hair are hollow which will add bouyancy to your fly. Not really a desired quality in a fly that you want to sink.

  10. Robert, I bought mine at Feathercraft. Make sure it has a mix of colors–not all light or all dark.

  11. Robert says:

    Thanks Jason.

  12. Jim Lionberger says:

    jason: Love the look of that fly. The segmentation resembles that of A.K. Best quill body flies. Can I borrow a couple in Utah?

  13. Zack says:

    You made that look easy! I have yet to tie my first fly but I’m assuming it takes a bit of practice to pull it off that smoothly..Like Brian said now I’m off to get some horse hair too..and hooks…and hackle..and well everything!

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