Tenkara featured in the New York Times!!!

On September 17, 2010
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A major milestone for tenkara in the US. Yesterday an article on tenkara was published in the New York Times! It is inevitable that after the period of intrigue, and reluctance, tenkara would work its way to become a well established method of fly-fishing.

The article was very well written by Mr. James Card, who met with Ms. Misako Ishimura for a day of tenkara fishing. It talked about the story of its introduction to the US, with the participation of Tenkara USA and its founder (me), Misako Ishimura, Chris “Tenkara Bum” Stewart, and Dr. Ishigaki, of course.

Please take a look: The New York Times A Japanese Form.

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One Response to Tenkara featured in the New York Times!!!

  1. Conor O'Gorman says:

    Great to see Tenkara being covered in the New York Times – heard about the article from our local club website in the UK! News travels fast!

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