Tenkara Diaries: Trout, Carp, Bluegills and Bass

On June 2, 2013
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Tenkara Diaries, May 30th and June 1st 2013
length: 2:57
Music by Takenobu

Tenkara was a gift from heaven, it perfectly matched the type of water I love most: mountain streams. But, there is plenty of good waters very close to home that are not mountain streams, ponds full of bass and bluegill and slow moving water full of carp. So, I decided to indulge and fish several types of water this week, all with tenkara of course!

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One Response to Tenkara Diaries: Trout, Carp, Bluegills and Bass

  1. Marc H. says:

    My Iwana is my go to rod for pan fish. It’s fun catching pumpkinseeds, bluegill and perch on it. I’ve also noticed that using my Tenkara rod makes it easier to get in a little fishing while still being able to help my 6 year old when he comes with me. I’ve even started to have him use my Iwana (with shortened handle) on occasion. The most recent Tenkara summit really brought in to focus for me the versatility of Tenkara!

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