Tenkara Diaries, Japan: with Mr. Sebata

On September 1, 2013
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This is a quick video of my time with Mr. Yuzo Sebata, a well-known tenkara anglers in Japan. I have a lot more footage that I captured in that trip, but figured I should share a quick video with you. More to come soon.
Mr. Sebata showed how he ties tenkara flies, a bit of tenkara casting and much more. Also, happy to report he really liked the Ito rod and asked for one to possibly replace his 20-year old tenkara rod, that was quite cool too.

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9 Responses to Tenkara Diaries, Japan: with Mr. Sebata

  1. Dale H. says:

    Great video Daniel. I love the shot at 2:49. I also think that the shot at 1:45 is just one of those perfect Tenkara pics. Funny you should mention that Mr. Sebata really liked the Ito. I was wondering how well TUSA products were being received by the anglers in Japan. Will there be a day that you will walk into a fly shop and see TUSA rods in their racks?


    • Dale,
      Many thanks for the comment.
      No plans to start selling in Japan, though the shop in the town of Hagiwara, Gifu, does carry our gear now. We are much better off focusing on the rest of the world.
      The Ito, Iwana and our new orange lines are well received here. The Amago a big heavy for most people, the Yamame a bit too stiff, though we expected that when designing the rods.

  2. Jeremy says:

    The video was very nice. Looks like all the trouble to get there was worth it.
    I would like a Mr. Sebata T-Shirt. His hat reminds me a little of my fishing hat. He seems like a great person to fish with.
    I went Kayak Tenkara fishing in the local Trout river. I moved up river about six miles against the current. People thought I was crazy! I told them they are going the wrong way. I casted many times around the logs and into the swift current, caught a few fish. Slowly taking in the sights going up allows extra time to see whats a blur compared to swiftly floating back. After great sights of animals, great old river trees, Mushrooms, some outragous green grass growing from exposed stumps surrounded by swift water, sightings of fish both hooked and swimming and lots of exercise I felt one with this section of river. At the last of the straight sections of water before I made it back to the put in/ramp, two small Japanese guys were fishing on the bank. I held up my Namazu modified Yamame rod. And heard one say Tengatta! It was a nice end to a nice day. :) Still smile at hearing Tengatta being the last one to leave the water before dark.
    Thanks Daniel for another fun fishing trip and blog post. Your story reminds me of mine a little bit.

  3. martin says:

    It’s just beautiful. Wherever in the world you go Tenkara with friends you’ll experience beauty and simplicity. I went today to fish to the Kilchis River in NW Oregon and the water was low. Went with my Ayu and with a Western rod. Just in case. The case is that Tenkara beat the western style fishing. I had a lot of fun and felt part of nature.
    Again, Daniel, thanks for sharing your experiences and for everything you do to promote this discipline.

  4. Tim says:

    Daniel, how old is Sebata? What brand and length of rod does he use? What fishing line is he using ? (looks like a western yellow fly line) and finally, when do you have to come home?

    • Tim, Sebata is 73, he uses a tapered line he makes himself with bright yellow mono. His rod is a 20 year old Daiwa tenkara rod which he helped design 4-4.5 meters and mostly glass so very heavy (I should share that he really liked the Ito and ordered 5 Ito rods, or for him and the others for friends; I sent them to him in exchange for the Sebata cartoons). He wraps the handle with a waterproof tape to increase the life of the corl handle below as he spends a lot of time in very wet places.

  5. Tim says:

    73?! Im almost 63 and can’t imagine get around to the places he likes to fish! I would need a “Star Wars” hover craft or something just to get to some of the places he gets to! DAMN!!! When do you have to come home? (Love your pics and notes so far, thanks!)

  6. AWESOME video. One of your best yet Daniel!

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