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On May 21, 2010
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So, as we have grown quite a bit and many people may not have had a chance to read our older posts, I thought it’d be nice to “recycle” some of them. This entry was originally posted on October 22nd, 2009:

A couple of days ago a package arrived at my mailbox. As I opened it, I was quite overwhelmed, wowed!, astounded, ecstatic, well you get the picture. A very good tenkara no oto-san, Dr. Ishigaki had sent me a one-of-a-kind find: two volumes of a comic book devoted to tenkara! Wow! is almost all I can say. Thank you Dr. Ishigaki! This is a rare treasure that I will cherish forever.

These books are beautifully illustrated, and with very good content. Take a look at the pictures below.

By Kondansya Comics

If it was not clear that fishing is a vital part of Japanese culture and life by now, then I think the existence of these books will clear any doubt. The two comic books are part of a larger series of comics devoted to fishing. The comics are called “Tsuri kichi Sanpei (Sanpei, a boy crazy about fishing). Volumes 6 and 7 are entirely devoted to tenkara, and are now part of our tenkara museum. These comics were published some 30 years ago. Each volume has about 200 pages of the most beautiful illustrations. Not only are these comics artful and entertaining, but they also have several tips and real fishing knowledge: fly-tying, rod making, native fish, casting and fishing techniques and other knowledge of the world of tenkara.

This series of comics has also been adopted by schools in the education of their young; talking about a way to get kids engaged in reading, and then really into the sport, heh?

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2 Responses to Tenkara Comics By Kondansya from tenkara father

  1. adam says:

    Really very cool Daniel, thank you for posting this. I enjoy understanding that there are tenkara enthusiasts 30 years ago making art on paper about our topic!

  2. fajar says:

    I first read this series of comics back in the 90’s, in Indonesia it’s called “Fishing Fun” and obviously translated to Indonesian (from Japanese) and unlike the Japanese edition the comic goes the ‘right way’ (not from right to left) I really like them and ended up collecting them

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